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Danielle Obinger


Supporting individuals to develop their leadership potential, cultivate self-awareness, and create meaningful and purpose-driven lives

About Danielle

Hello and Welcome!

I am a social justice advocate and nurse who provides both leadership consulting and coaching services.

Some of the things I'm proud of:

  • Leading volunteers to serve those incarcerated and their family members to reduce recidivism
  • Co-creating healthcare programs to support low-income families and improve access and quality of care
  • Parenting two amazing girls
  • Exploring nature with a group of girl scouts for the last seven years as a troop leader
  • 15-year practicing Yogi/Mindfulness/Nervous System Junkie

I think our communities deserve safety and well-being regardless of financial status and am dedicated to supporting that vision. It’s all about community- come join me and learn more!


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Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership is not limited to a title or position. It truly is a way of being. Through fostering personal growth and developing leadership skills, you will not only see a positive change within yourself, but also the communities and teams with which you work and play.

Coaching supports living in alignment, authenticity and seeking transformation for a balanced life. I work with business professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals in transitions to uncover your strengths, values, and purpose.

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Most consulting is based on leadership development programs. These are co-created based on organizational needs to develop skills, promote nervous system awareness including tools for down regulation, improve communication, conflict resolution, and boosting collaboration.

I also host workshops with experiential learning opportunities to enhance people's skills to create lasting relationships for leadership success.


Mariela, Healthcare Program Manager

What I love most about working with Danielle is that she is easy to work with. Her communication is excellent and offers suggestions that add quality to my work as a leader. Because of this, I have been able to build trusting relationships with the teams I oversee.

Jenn, IT Program Manager

I appreciated how Danielle held a safe space for me to decompress and explore what kinds of things were coming up for me as important in my life. In addition to being compassionate and open minded in our conversations, she was also organized, focused and flexible on how our time was spent. The balance between letting me lead the conversion and also offering to help me dig deeper and explore was really helpful. I enjoyed the work we did around awareness of triggers and my nervous system's reaction to my day to day stresses. I use these tools almost daily to help manage stress and gain perspective. I would highly recommend Danielle and her services--she is skilled and amazing at this work.

Danielle, Nurse

Working with Danielle has been such a great experience. Her personality shines through and creates such a comfortable environment. I felt very empowered and safe to speak about and address things that I was trying to avoid. She was knowledgeable on the nervous system and brings such an eye opening perspective, expanding my thinking while simultaneously holding space. I would highly recommend working with her.

Who We Are

Danielle Obinger Consulting and Coaching starts with a vision for a community where participants feel they have a voice regardless of their social status or title. Through leadership development and self- awareness cultivation, anyone who identifies as a change maker can gain the skills and support to continue to do great work within their communities while living personally fulfilling lives.

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